Owie Owie Owie (9 viles of Novocain and 3 and a half hours later, I have a hole in my jaw where a tooth used to be. )

I’ve been having a bit of pain in my  moller on my left top tooth. I went to the dentist on Thursday and had him look at it and take x-rays. He said he didn’t know how I wasn’t in excruciating pain. I was like I don’t know. He said it would probably be like 2 weeks before he could do anything with my broken tooth. Its been about 3 years since it started breaking off. He said it was fully infected. I left his office a bit concerned but thinking I would be able to wait the 2 weeks or so to get it pulled out. Well Friday came around and Pat and I decided to go out for his birthday to a little Mexican place that we really like. I took 2 bites of my lunch and the pain hit me worst than ever. I started to cry it was so bad, and it takes a lot of pain to make me cry. I asked Pat if he would take me back to the dentist office and see if they would do anything for me that day. He said yes and we got boxes for our lunch and headed out the door. I felt terrible that Pat had to pay for my lunch and I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat it. (It’s still sitting in the fridge as I type). We arrived at the dentist office at about 11:45am. The front desk girl said they would be closing in 15 min for lunch and would not reopen for an hour. She went back and talked to the dr and he said he could work me in at 1:00pm. I went home for the hour or so and returned at 1:00pm. They got me in, took a look at my tooth. The dr came in and I asked him how long he thought it would take him to remove it. He guessed and said between 2 and 15 minutes, working hard for 2. He shot me up with a couple of viles of Novocaine and left for a few minutes. He came back and started working at the tooth. He was a bit disappointed because most of the crown of the tooth was missing where it had broken off. It also was so infected that the Novocaine was being counterproductive. Being a redhead I told him it was going to take a lot to really start working on me where I didn’t feel any pain. He worked on my tooth for about 20 minutes and I started to feel pain again, so he gave me more Novocaine and waited about 10 minutes for it to start working. He kept working and working and working on that tooth. Finally he got out the drill and started to cut the tooth into several pieces to see if he could work it out in pieces. He finally got the crown off and I started to feel more pain. The crown came off in 3 pieces. He shot me up with some more Novocaine and left me for a few more minutes. He came back and started digging again on the tooth. He said it was the hardest tooth he has ever worked on. He asked the nurse to get another x-ray of the tooth so he could see why it wasn’t coming out as easy as he first thought it would. He came back and explained to me that the root was infused together and kind of stuck between my wisdom tooth that had not come down yet and the tooth in front of the bad one. He said he would have to wiggle it out. Well it didn’t quite work that way. He had to cut the root into 3 separate pieces as well to get them out. I was feeling more pain by then as well and more Novocaine. He waited for a little while and started cutting again.. That was bout 3 hours in. He came back and was starting to get concerned that he might have to send me to an oral surgeon because he couldn’t get the rest of the tooth out. He said he wanted to try one last time for him self to get the rest out. I said ok, one last time.. He dug again for another probably 20 min or so and pulled the first part of the nerve(root) out, he said the big part. He had to dig again for a while and got the second part.. The last and 3rd section of the root took the longest but when he almost had it out he said “Are you about ready to go out and party” I laughed.. He pulled the last part out and I was so relieved. He said he was going to stitch up the gum line where he had dug and pulled it out a little bit.. He said that I wouldn’t feel any pain at all, and I didn’t. He said the stitches would dissolve in about a week, and he knew it would be really hard but he wanted me to not play with them with my tongue. I’ve been trying really hard. Doing well so far. He said he would write me a prescription for some pain medications that were stronger than Vicodin. In the last 24 hours I have only taken 2. He told me I could take one ever 4 hours if I needed them. The pain from the abscess tooth was way worse than the pain I am in now that it is gone! He also had written me out a prescription for an antibiotic that I never got to fill that he told me to fill as well that way I wouldn’t get any infection in the space where the tooth was cut out of. That would be just what I need, to get rid of an infected tooth and get infection in the hole before it could heal. He told me to only eat soft food for about a week and use salt water rinse to swish out my mouth. He told me no straws, no chewing gum, no alcohol, and no spitting for at least a week so that could heal. He said the space would fill up with blood and form kind of soft scab on top and if I used a straw or sucking motion that I could pull that clot out and would cause dry socket and that would be so painful I would have to come back and he would have to do more surgery. I have been doing really good so far. My pain level has been very low so far and I have been doing pretty good at taking the antibiotic every 6 hours. Its kinda hard when I sleep but I take it when I get up so it’s not so bad. So 24 hours later I am doing great and hope to keep improving for the next week and beyond.


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